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Your support allows us to continue to provide advocacy services and creative expression programs for survivors of sexual violence, as well as, community education initiatives.

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I've  been raped twice, once when I was 19 and again when I was 36. I  never really dealt with either rapeÖ.I just tried to forget about it and shove it aside. In February I saw  a news story about Silent No Longer and I contacted them. It was a gift from heaven when  they emailed me back.  They understood what I was feeling and helped me realize it wasnít my fault. For the first time in decades I didnít feel ashamed and that helped me regain my self confidence. I finally able to tell my family and theyíve been wonderful.  I carried that weight  for twenty-one years, and thanks to Silent No Longer TN, that weight is finally gone. I can never thank them enough for what they did for me. If you are looking for a great organization to be a part of, you need to contact Silent No Longer TN.


I went to a Silent No Longer  TN workshop in 2018. The instructor was very knowledgeable but explained things using easy to understand words and examples. She didnít talk down to us, she just talked to us like we were having a conversation. She also really  encouraged us to participate in the discussion and wanted our opinions and  thoughts. Unlike a lot of workshops I have been to, she didnít act like she knew it all and made us feel like it was a collaborative effort. After it was over several of us talked about her technique and we all thought we learned a lot more and understood the information much better because of her teaching style

I've gone to at least a three dozen workshops, and this was by far the best Iíve ever gone to. I highly recommend Silent No Longer TN to EVERYONE!!

I was assaulted just a few weeks after #metoo. I went to the #metoo caucus at the  Women's March conference, and went to a workshop they held two months  later.

There weren't many people there, but the lady who led the workshop  never missed a beat. She turned the workshop into more of a round table  discussion and made us all feel like we were all part of the team. I learned  more that day than I have learned at any workshop, class or conference before or  since. I highly recommend Silent No Longer TN.







Silent No  Longer saved my life....PERIOD! 

I was harassed, grabbed and groped by my Captain for a couple of  years. I was scared,  ashamed and thought I was all alone. I heard a couple officers  talking about a survey Silent No Longer put out and I filled it  out. A lady messaged  my back and helped me realize it wasn't my fault and that I did not have to go  through it alone. She didn't care  that I would not talk to her on the phone and was willing to listen and help  through email.  

If it hadn't  been for her and Silent No Longer, I would be dead today.


The  people at Silent No Longer are creative and caring. I saw on  Facebook they were having a poetry night and anyone could be a part of  it. I wanted  to be a part of it and share my story of assault, but I had just started writing  poetry and thought they wouldn't accept me. THEY  DID! It wasn't  about putting on "stars" it was about giving victims a chance to  share.  

It  gave me more confidence, and after a lot of work, I have gotten a lot  better. I also am  not afraid to talk about what happened to me and I hope that can help  others. Thank you Silent No Longer for changing my life.



The passion and energy these women have is an  inspiration. The number  of hours and the work they put in trying to help victims of the police  department has helped the female employees more than they will ever know. Just  knowing someone believed us and cared about us and was willing to challenge the  department so we could hopefully have a safe place to work means the world to  all of us. I don't know  how they keep going when the department keeps putting up roadblocks, they keep  plugging along. They are a  real life "little engine that could."

Nashville and the entire state of Tennessee is very lucky to have them.



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